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About Kendall Rae Johnson

Kendall Rae Johnson, Georgia’s youngest certified farmer at age of 6, born and raised in  Atlanta, Georgia. Kendall Rae, as she is known by most, has been playing in the soil since she was 3 years old. She was inspired by the teachings of her great grandmother Laura "Kate" Williams. Although Kendall Rae doesn’t quite remember her great-grand, she remembers hearing her saying, "Don't throw my collard green stems away, put them back in the dirt."  That’s when it all started…on a small, but mighty little patio pouch with Grandma. This tranquil and comforting place was where they planted seeds of cucumbers, peppers tomatoes and broken collard green stems. Kendall was fascinated by what was once tiny seeds or stems now had grown into a beautiful garden with colorful vegetables ready to be eaten by the family.​


Today, this 7 year old is the youngest certified farmer in the State of Georgia with a business formation with the state and federal government, she has even obtained her farm and tract ID.  Kendall Rae’s love of farming has empowered her to become an advocate and spokesperson for little people across the state of Georgia and beyond.

About aGROWKulture 

aGROWKulture pronounced as (ay, grō /ˈkəlCHər/) is the first Urban Farm located in the soul of Southwest Atlanta thats main focus is ag-education within conservation and sustainability. It's owned by "The Youngest Certified Farmer In The State of Georgia" Kendall Rae Johnson and operated by a mom, dad and dynamic ag team.


The purpose for aGROWKulture is to promote a culture of growing positive interest in youth. As parents of Kendall Rae Johnson, we were at each step of her exploring what may be the interest and so happens outdoors, worms and soil were at the root of it all.  

Our urban farm is dedicated to meet new friends, make new things and inspire other kids. - Kendall Rae Johnson

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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Working with Kendall Rae Johnson and her family is pure joy. The knowledge this little girl has about her farm is just tremendous and I have learned so much from the soil to the produce. She is now Atlanta History.

- Produce Customer

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