Terrence Harmon

Animal Companionship - Equine Instructor

Terrence Harmon Jr, owner and operator of Growing Generational Farms. I was born and raised in Atlanta Ga but majority of my time as a youth was spent with my Grandfather on his farm in Fairburn,Ga. After being sent into the world for college I soon realized that no matter how fun the city life was it was the ranch life that my heart clung too. I have officially dug my roots back into the ground and decided that it is my mission to create a euphoric experience through the many things that farm life can offer!
Growing Generational Farms mission is to help one develop in all areas of life through many different experiences and lessons that farm life can teach, through everyday interactions with horses from building , riding, and sometimes even becoming a vet when need be. The goals is to intertwine life lessons with equine therapy to help build character and consciousness.We believe that the Earth, animals, and plants to be the best teachers in life.
Growing Generational Farms offers an equine course which specifically targets development in one’s character, confidence and connection with not only horses but the world in itself. The equine course will offer many different scenarios such as the following:
- horse safety rules/signs
- groundwork (exercising horses)
- stall maintenance
- grooming
- riding experience
- trailriding
- tacking
- horse maintenance(feeding,watering,medicine)
- equine terminology

Terrence Harmon

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