6-year-old Kendall Rae Johnson makes history becoming the youngest certified farmer in Ga.

6 years old, Kendall Rae Johnson has made history becoming the youngest certified farmer in the state of Georgia.

To become a certified farmer, Kendall received her business entity at the state and federal level under the name “aGROWKulture.” She also joined a number of farming organizations, including Georgia Grown, a division of Georgia’s Department of Agriculture, and the Georgia Farm Bureau according to Good Morning America. With becoming an official farmer, she can apply to grants, scholarships and purchase land under her business.

Kendall got the love of farming from her great-grandmother Laura “Kate” Williams. “She started out in a patio garden and the patio garden grew from a little bitty something to, by the time her fourth birthday came, we had a full-fledged garden in our backyard,” Kendall’s mother, Ursula Johnson, said. “And then we moved, and now she has a farm.”

Kendall has dedicated herself to spreading awareness about farming to her peers. She started out a monthly gardening club, where families help her harvest, plant and produce subscription food boxes. Now her plan is to teach other kids about where their food actually comes from.

She has been making appearances at press conferences in support of young farmers in South Fulton. She is currently also hoping to raise $10,000 for an outdoor agricultural science lab to begin composting.

Ursula says her daughter is the embodiment of young entrepreneurship and the future of Black farmers. She’s not only the youngest farmer in the state of Georgia, but also the youngest Black farmer.

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