About our program

A community-based youth development program named “Kendall Rae’s Green Heart ”. Established inside the metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia. The youth development initiative will focus on providing meaningful opportunities for youth to create sustainable community change village to village. It is expected that through Kendall Rae’s Green Heart youth development initiative, the metro-atlanta youth it serves will become Georgia’s most highly sought after youth to create positive change, knowledge, entrepreneurship and communication within the largest industry of Georgia, agriculture.

What are we offering to the youth of Metro-Atlanta?

Gardening & Environment Science

The most exciting hands on science class you will ever have. Learn about our soil, plants, harvest and environment.

Junior Bee Keeping 

The most fascinating class and learning experience. Bees! learn why are they so fascinating, how they help our harvest and create a market product.

Animal Companionship - Equestrian 

This class is all about energy and heart. It's at the core of what love is and brings that something special to our program.

Public Speaking, Leadership & Story Telling

When you are a part of such a dynamic program, speaking up about what your goals, ambitions and dreams become second nature. We are here to prepare you to thrive in any room.

Our Vision

We will utilize our immediate and surrounding community leaders and supporters to assist with our developing agriculture projects. We wish to include all elementary, middle and high school students, administrators and teachers who would like to participate. We will give middle and high school students an opportunity to receive volunteer hours and annual opportunities to compete on local, regional and national levels of recognition and scholarship.

Janya Green, National 4-H'er Winner

FVSU Community Village 

Work with our youth to make the best better!

Our Purpose

The purpose of this partnership with Fort Valley State University and the cooperative extension is to build on the founding mission of extension through agriculture representing Heart, Health, Head and Hands. We will execute community leadership, mentorship, healthy growing, living and quality of life and STEM outdoor education transfer all within the context of 21st century challenges and opportunities.

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