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Kendall Rae Johnson, Georgia’s youngest farmer, is a 6 year old, born and raised in  Atlanta, Georgia. Kendall Rae, as she is known by most, has been playing in the dirt since she was 3 years old. She was inspired by the teachings of her great grandmother Laura "Kate" Williams. Although Kendall Rae doesn’t quite remember her great-grand, she remembers hearing her saying, "Don't throw my collard green stems away, put them back in the dirt."  That’s when it all started…on a small, but mighty little patio pouch with Grandma. This tranquil and comforting place was where they planted seeds of cucumbers, peppers tomatoes and broken collard green stems. Kendall was fascinated by what was once tiny seeds or stems now had grown into a beautiful garden with colorful vegetables ready to be eaten by the family.


At four years old, her parents built a larger garden bed around the premises of the property. She planted her favorite seeds in the dirt, and watched them grow. As the plant cycle started to bud and bloom, Kendall Rae’s little neighborhood friends were amazed by the growth of her garden. When the crop was ready, she would invite her friends over to help harvest her garden. They would all bring their playmate shopping carts and pretend to shop for all the ripened fruits and vegetable from their grocery store (her garden). As she took her friends around the yard, she would explain what type of plant she had grown, it truly became a regular fun and exciting thing to do in her own backyard.


Today, this 6 year old is the youngest certified farmer in the State of Georgia with a business formation with the state and federal government, she has even obtained her farm and tract ID.  Kendall Rae’s love of farming has empowered her to become an advocate and spokesperson for little people across the state of Georgia. After meeting House Rep. Mandisha Thomas of the 65th district, Kendall joined her with a press release encouraging support of the young farmers programs for kindergarten and high school students in the city of South Fulton, GA. Their combined efforts helped to raise $85,000.00 to support this program.


Kendal Rae is on a mission! Currently, she holds two invitations for city proclamations in the City of South Fulton (September 28th, 2021) and the City of Atlanta (October 6th, 2021). Additionally, she has met Senator Warnock, Commissioner Gary W. Black, numerous city councilwomen and councilmen, and regularly attends Georgia Agriculture summits. She services 18 monthly memberships for food baskets from her own garden, hosts a kids garden club, and inspires other young people through public speaking engagements about her incredible farm.


In order for her winter garden to continue harvesting crops, without interruption or product loss, Kendall Rae is currently in the process of fundraising $10,000.00 to cover the purchase of 2 high tunnels, soil/dirt, lumber, and an outdoor kids agricultural science learning space.

Kendall Rae hopes one day soon, you will join her in her garden and help to support her efforts to change the way kids look at food and food insecurity. 


This little farmer is sowing lots of seeds, on and off the farm, please support her efforts so that she will have a bountiful harvest!

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My name is Kendall Rae Johnson, I'm the owner of aGROWKulture and "The youngest certified farmer in Georgia".

I'm raising funds to create an outdoor agricultural science lab where my monthly kids club friends can learn all about plants, bugs, and how to grow their own foods.

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